Garden Time!


So happy to be back to Tuesdays with Dorie and to be able to use my home grown blueberries for this Berry Galette. I received this blueberry bush several years ago as a gift and it has never produced many berries. It is a self fruiting variety but it has been much happier this year after I planted two friends for her near by. Maybe I’m just paying more attention to her now that there are 3 bushes? Anyways we have blueberries! I had just stripped it clean for a large bowl of berries when we came home from vacation so I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough berries for the recipe but the recipe only calls for 1 1/2 cups and I was able to get 2 cups plus about 4 raspberries from my first year raspberry bushes.

I mixed the dough by hand and it was very wet and sticky even after refrigerating it for several hours but I used plenty of extra flour to roll it out and it came together ok.

I used two cups of berries and the honey. The berry galette only called for 1/2 the dough so I use the rest of the dough to make a Tomato-Cheese Galette using tomatoes and basil from the garden also.

I thought they were both delicious and took them to a party where they were well received! A fun and easy recipe that you could create endless variations on.

For the recipe please visit the host bloggers at:

Host baker: Lisa

Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen

Host baker: Andrea
The Kitchen Lioness

Or buy the book Baking with Julia and join in with all the fun!

Next recipe Popovers! (and the 8 recipes that I missed as my schedule got the best of me!)


About Moonlight Baking

I teach gardening and cooking to young children and little delights me more than school kids begging for more fresh vegetables. I believe in REAL food. Food brings us together, comforts us and nourishes us on our way. On this page I seek to share my experiences in the kitchen and the garden and all the places that can lead to.

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  1. Nice to be able to use your own berries in this! I’m looking forward to trying the tomato galette when it comes up in the rotation, too.

  2. The perfect dinner:
    Delicious looking savory galette and for dessert a wonderful sweet one!

    You have such a beautiful blueberry plant!!!! Look at that fruits! Amazing!

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