The Third Recipe is a Charm!


The rugelach is delicious! Maybe not pretty but tasty which is alway my priority. I had never heard of rugelch much less tasted it. The recipe presented several challenges but the result were scrumptious and the future possibilities are endless. I loved that I could make this over several days. The first day I made a triple batch of apricot lekvar because I loved the idea of having extra for toast and to give away. Turns out a single recipe makes enough for leftovers but the recipe did not indicate that. No harm my friends and family will appreciate the extra jam like spread. The second day I made the cream cheese dough….

It was a little sticky but all I needed to do was put it together and chill. Day three I rolled it out. I am a cookie baker and dough is a relatively new concept for me so this was a bit difficult. I had went for it and rolled it out straight on my granite counter tops which worked out better than I had thought. I loved that I had the flexibility of all that space! The rectangles were not perfect but putting the yummy filling of a cinnamon sugar mixture, apricot spread, raisins and toasted walnuts onto the dough was a sheer delight….

..and even though I am a bit of a newbie to dough it behaved very nicely as I rolled it into logs. Next it needed to chill overnight. On day four it was slice and bake day. I glazed the roll with an egg wash, sliced it into 1 ” pieces and dipped it into the cinnamon sugar nut mixture.

The recipe instructed me to coat the cookie generously with the nut mixture, which I did, but after looking at some other pictures I think I may have over done it. On the first baking day I baked a dozen and took them to Team Paradox for our FIRST robotics tournament where we set up a quick lunch in the parking lot between competition matches. They were well received. I loved the flavor but was not confident about the baking time. The recipe says the tops should be golden and the bottoms caramelized. I felt mine were a little over done on the bottom but just right on top. Perhaps this is because I over coated them with the sugar nut mixture??? Maybe because I have a convection oven I need to adjust the temperature lower? I tried a couple of batches turning each piece — cut side, bottom, cut side but they looked a little wonky and sometimes fell apart. I also took 4 to the airport for my son Willie who was coming home for spring break from Penn State. He ate all four before I even noticed. Today I took them to my fellow teachers at Sage Garden Project and tomorrow I’ll take the to my Master Gardener’s carpool mates. Luckily they freeze beautifully and I can keep experimenting with baking methods until I get it right. Once I have the baking method down I can’t wait to try new fillings. These are definitely a keeper! For the recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan or read Margaret’s The Urban Hiker and Jessica’s My Baking Heart, as they are co-hosting this week. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll

Looking forward to the next recipe, Irish Soda bread, another first for me and just in time for St. Patrick’s day!


About Moonlight Baking

I teach gardening and cooking to young children and little delights me more than school kids begging for more fresh vegetables. I believe in REAL food. Food brings us together, comforts us and nourishes us on our way. On this page I seek to share my experiences in the kitchen and the garden and all the places that can lead to.

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    • Me too! Redid the kitchen several years ago one of the best investments we ever made. I tried to comment on your blog but received this error:

      Your OpenID credentials could not be verified.

      I’m new to the whole blog world so I’m not sure what the problem is???

  1. Wow – with the proportions on the lekvar, a triple batch must have had you rolling in it. Although, it was so good, I don’t think I would mind rolling in it 🙂
    Looks like your cookies came out great

  2. It looks great! And it sounds like you have a lot of great people so share with! I, too love how versatile it is, with every post I read I see something else I want to try.

    Amanda (

    • Lola, I loved you post and the pictures. The cookies look so beautiful. I followed the advice from the forum but I still couldn’t post to your site. Thanks for the tip I’ll keep working on it

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